About Us

Brainbot’s vision is to offer widespread access to innovative, safe, and effective digital tools that give people living with concussion symptoms step-by-step support to get back to life.

Many people who suffer from concussion symptoms do not have the cost effective, timely, accessible, and day-to-day support they need to get back to life. This leaves them feeling alone and stuck with their symptoms. 

After a concussion, people may have been told to get back to activity as tolerated. But if you’re suffering from a concussion, you know that every day is different. Brainbot helps you navigate each and every day with confidence, with just the right amount of activity right at every step in the journey to recovery, on good days and bad.

Created by Occupational Therapists and guided by the latest research, we pride ourselves on being person-centered. Our programs are tailored to each person’s goals and progress. We want to ensure that everyone can recover at their own pace and get back to activities that are most important to them.

Our Team

Shelley Vaisberg
BSc, MScOT, OT Reg (Ont) | Co-Founder

Shelley is an award-winning rehab innovator and registered Occupational Therapist. She has 10 years of experience treating traumatic brain injuries. She has extensive training and experience in concussion management and cognitive rehabilitation.

As someone who sustained her own concussion and lived with persistent concussion symptoms, she truly understands the complex and unique challenges that concussion symptoms bring to your life.

Adam Shedletzky
BComm, JD | Co-Founder

Adam has first hand experience in supporting his wife while she was living with persistent concussion symptoms. He appreciates the challenges in navigating the medical system and supporting her and their family throughout her recovery.

Adam is a trained lawyer and management consultant with over 10 years experience launching and growing organizations and executing strategic initiatives in dynamic regulatory environments.

Paul Meister
BA, BBA | Head of Product & Advisor

Paul’s father-in-law sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. Throughout his recovery, Paul witnessed the gaps in the health care to support him in restoring function. Paul is now passionate about improving the quality of life of those living with brain injury.

Paul has over 18 years of experience as a seasoned product leader and entrepreneur.  Paul is currently the Chief of Staff to one of Canada’s fastest-growing SaaS companies in the Life Sciences space.

Dr. Charles Tator
MD, PhD, FRCSC, FACS | Advisor

Dr. Charles Tator is a Scientist in the Krembil Brain Institute and Director of the Canadian Concussion Centre at Toronto Western Hospital.  He headed Neurosurgery at the Toronto Western Hospital, and was a founder of ThinkFirst, Canada and Parachute Canada. He held two research chairs at the University of Toronto, and is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and an inductee of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame and the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

Dr. Carmela Tartaglia
MD, FRCPC | Advisor

Dr. Carmela Tartaglia holds the Marion and Gerald Soloway Chair in Brain Injury and Concussion Research and is one of the principle investigators at the Canadian Concussion Centre. She is a Clinician Scientist at Krembil Brain Institute, part of University Health Network (UHN), and The University of Toronto. She maintains a cognitive/behavioural clinic within the UHN Memory Clinic where she sees patients with persisting symptoms of concussion.