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Brainbot is your everyday rehab companion, helping you manage symptom triggers with confidence so you can get back to life.

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Your personalized concussion recovery program 

We understand that the shortest road to recovery is the one designed for your unique journey. Brainbot gets to know you through its on-the-go activity and symptom tracker so it can recommend daily activity goals and tell you when to level up and when to slow. Brainbot offers comprehensive recovery analytics and educational resources to help you confidently achieve your goals.

Grounded in science

Much more than a simple journal app, Brainbot’s clinical team has developed a recovery platform that uses rich data analytics and AI-generated insights to help you get you back to the activities that matter most. Brainbot is based on the latest clinical guidelines and proven therapies for concussion recovery.

More activity, fewer symptoms

With Brainbot, your concussion symptoms don’t have to stop you from living your life. If you do too much in a day, symptoms may get worse, causing you to “crash” for the night or for several days. If you do too little in a day, any activity you try may bring on symptoms. Brainbot was designed to help you find the right balance of activity and rest so you can improve symptoms while also getting back to activities sooner.

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