Truly understand your client's symptoms and triggers.

Brainbot equips clinicians with deep insights for targeted, more effective care.

When you have the right data, you can deliver the right care.

Imagine if every client had complete, accurate, and consistent data on their activities and concussion symptoms. Now imagine that data could be analyzed for you and presented in an easy-to-read format the minute your appointment starts. You can stop imagining, because Brainbot is here.

Brainbot provides deep insights and bridges the care gap.

Brainbot is the world’s first smart Concussion Recovery Assistant. It empowers your client to accurately and consistently collect symptom and activity data, then uses proprietary, clinician-vetted AI to analyze the data and provide reports and actionable insights. Clients feel supported and connected between visits, and you can make more productive use of your treatment time.
  • Streamline your workflow

    Avoid recall issues and start each appointment with an accurate picture of your client’s activities and concussion symptoms.
  • Clearly identify treatment areas

    Dynamic progress reports make it easy to see where your client is progressing and where you need to focus treatment strategies.
  • Tailor your treatment plans

    With the right data, clearly presented, you can target your treatment program precisely to your client's unique needs.
  • Empower your clients

    Brainbot’s real-time feedback, education content, and guidance supports your clients 24/7 and builds self-management skills.

Developed by experts with lived experience.

Created by an Occupational Therapist who focuses on brain injury rehab and experienced a concussion herself, and supported by world-renowned experts, Brainbot is guided by the latest research, clinical expertise, and real-life experience.

Don't just take our word for it.

Hear from some of our amazing clinicians using Brainbot with their clients.

Brainbot is a no-brainer for concussion recovery. It's the difference between hoping for progress and actually seeing it.

Emily W.

Occupational Therapist

Brainbot fills a much-needed gap between appointments. Data from day-to-day patient experiences guides our next steps, making every visit more impactful.

Jenni D.

Director of Occupational Therapy Services

We're proud to partner with leading research institutions.

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Get the data you need with Brainbot!